CME CEU Qualified Event

For professional to Receive Continuing Medical Education (CME) Credit

Pay below with pay pal then check-in the morning of the event using the email that is linked to your PayPal account.

This event has a potential for you to receive four credits. To receive 2.5 credits, you have to attend all the classes. If you do not attend all classes, you will receive fewer credits. The keynote speaker, Fighting the new drug, is the only class that does not qualify for a credit. The class to attend the class and receive credit is fixed at $50, regardless of the number of credits you are receiving. Clicking the Pay Now button above to pay for CME, CEU credits. Then make sure you sign in and sign out of the event so we know how many credits to give you. Sign in will be held at the front desk. 

Click “Pay Now” above to pay $50 for CME, CEU credit, and reserve your spot.

Organizers Include:

Behavioral Health Center – EIRMC
Madison Memorial Hospital
Madison School District/Madison Cares
Brigham Young University Idaho